One-Click System of the Tradelink’s Declaration Form Submission

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Too complicated Procedures for
declaration Submission of Tradelink

The trade and logistics community must submit import/export declarations through the Tradelink every time they used to. However, the submission form is too complicated that it makes mistakes easily happen and is time-consuming. In view of this, we deliberately design a data collection system. It helps collect the import and export data with accuracy and efficiency. The users only have to save the required information as an Excel file and upload to this system, and it will then be automatically submitted to Tradelink. It shortens the whole process and saves a plenty of time. While it helps avoid having typing mistakes and is convenient to use.

Why choose our Data Collection System?

As mention above, the Tradelink’s declaration form is too complicated that it makes mistake more likely to happen with a huge amount of information to be inserted. Sometimes the data could hardly be saved in case of disconnection and everything starts again. Here the resource and manpower were definitely wasted. With this system, users only have to submit declarations through general quotation documents (regardless of internal goods documents or customer quotations), and no need to set up other files for Tradelink. It saves much time for data collection. Moreover, this system supports add-list function, which can insert a large group of customs information of the same product once and combines different goods of the numbers within a click. The steps are greatly simplified, and work efficiency can then be enhanced. It is a golden opportunity for a Businesses company, who attaches importance to efficiency as always, to own one and make a big step towards success in the further.

How to Use?

This file upload tool allows you to transmit data from your computer to the Tradelink.
You will be directed to the above landing page once you have successfully logged into the system. Users can pick their preference for declaration.
From this page, user can create a declaration excel file by following with the User Guide and upload into it. The system eventually generates a CSV file format. For that users will have then submitted their declaration forms to the Tradelink merely by clicking transmit button.
After completing submission, users can select whether to save the generated CSV files into their computer or not.

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